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General Info For the 2023-2024 Preseason

1)  Every wrestler must have a valid USA Wrestling card to participate in preseason practices.  Please go to and purchase a card for your son or daughter.  The cost of the card is approximately $40.  You can affiliate the USA Wrestling card with a wrestling club.  Please affiliate with PTC Youth Wrestling.  

2)  Dues for the preseason:  $200.  Please pay through PayPal using the link found on this website.  Otherwise, please provide a check made payable to PTC Youth Wrestling.  

3)  Preseason practices are open to youth wrestlers (1st grade – 8th grade) and high school wrestlers.  The preseason practices will be geared towards wrestlers who have prior wrestling experience, so it is recommended that 1st year wrestlers sign up for the regular season.     


4)  All wrestlers must fill out a Wrestler Info & Consent Form found on this website under “Forms”.  Please fill out the forms even if you have filled them out in past seasons.


5)  Required equipment:  athletic shorts / pants, tee shirt, and wrestling shoes.  Mouthpieces are required for those with braces.  


6)  Recommended equipment:  headgear, which can be purchased at Dicks, Hibbetts, Academy Sports, and Amazon.  


7)  Preseason practices for the 2023 season will be held every Monday & Wednesday from 6:00  – 8:00 PM in the annex building at the old Booth Middle School (now called the Fayette Center of Innovation) located at 250 Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree City, GA.  The annex building / wrestling room is the stand alone building on the left side of the school when facing the school from Peachtree Parkway.  Practices will start on August 14th and end Oct 19th.  Starting the week of September 11th we will add a 3rd practice day per week on Thursdays.  Please see the calendar (found on this website) which will be updated during the season. 

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